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Founded in 2014, Valoir Le Coup is a private organization rich with tradition and excellence. We offer an impressive line of service to our members by providing them with top-notch etiquette coaching. As a highly skilled Certified Life Coach, Saradjine Agenoir and her team provide exceptional support and service to all members to ensure complete satisfaction. Our goal is to reestablish the traditional way of pure civility by teaching our members new and essential etiquette skills that organically capture their voice and embrace their femininity. We want to educate our members, both young and old, on a global scale while guiding them towards gaining self-confidence, elegance, and poise as they excel in each aspect of their lives. We predict that we will become an oasis for our members and a pillar for exceptional growth in our community. With our unique services, we aspire to acquire the number one position in the etiquette industry.

Petite Femme

Program / Summer Camp

At Valoir Le Coup, we understand how important, yet difficult, it can be to love and appreciate yourself as an adult, and we are certainly aware of how detrimental having low self-esteem can be- physically and mentally. Therefore, we strive to teach each young ladies the importance of self-value, standards, femininity, and strength at a very early age. Accepting young ladies ages 8 to 12 years old, our program consists of 3 unique steps that will result in a confident, strong young lady. Upon completion of the program, every young lady receive a certificate of “Girl on Fire” and a complimentary Valoir Le Coup Spa treatment.

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Fancy restaurants has always been my thing, but I didn't realize how much I didn't know about dining etiquette until I met Sara. Today I dine luxuriously with confident and know-how. Thanks girl!

Bianca Ray

Saradjine Agenoir is the truth! She is so feminine and confident that you have no choice to feed off her energy and begin understanding your own fem powers. I absolutely LOVE HER!

Ashely Martin

VLC University gave me my heart back. I was cold and bitter and blamed everyone else for my relationship failures, unbeknowst I was stuck in cycle of bad habits. Today I am confident in who I am and what I need in my relationship

Cathrine Johnson


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