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First impressions are extremely important, and we want to be the first to impress you with this amazing service of must-have etiquette.Table manners have evolved over the centuries to make the practice of eating with others pleasant and sociable. With so many etiquette rules to keep track of, we can often forget even the most basic ones. “Which fork do I use?” “Is that my water glass or my wine glass?” Do not worry! This service provides a superb and meticulous understanding of tableware and dining custom.



We help our clients develop and enhance their professional and personal images through select boutiques and have coupled with luxury hairstylists and makeup artists. We maximize each client’s style by aiding in choosing clothes for a variety of occasions while helping them pick styles that are flattering and communicate the appropriate message. Receive a complete transformation of yourself in this package!

Valoir Le Coup

(VLC) University

Insecurities, Deal Breakers & Love Languages

Lacking confidence and self-awareness can stop you from accomplishing many different goals, and every woman has different insecurities. Therefore, we created a unique package upon completion of every consultation that will assist each woman to begin breaking through blockades of insecurities and understanding deal breakers.

  • How to gain confidence in any situation
  • Insecurities, Deal Breakers, and Love Languages
  • Mastering effective eye contact and body language
  • Dating Etiquette
Tradition, Elegance & Poise

It is important to understand why carrying ourselves with grace matters. Carrying ourselves with self-assurance goes a long way. As a woman, knowing how to have composure is vital in a world where we are expected to maintain numerous roles at once. I am here to capture your femininity through tradition, elegance and poise.

  • Graceful Movements: Sitting, standing, and walking
  • How to properly walk in heels
  • In and out of car etiquette
  • How to cultivate a soothing voice


of Being a Member

  • Awareness of your femininity
  • Capability to differentiate a good man from a “no good man”
  • Elimination of first date jitters
  • Confidence to conquer relationship issues and emotions
  • Cognizance of negative patterns and behaviors that may affect your relationship
  • Ability to maintain your image through our client-approved techniques
  • Knowledge on how to dine luxuriously with more poise than ever before
  • Complimentary champagne and hors’douevres during appointments



Platinum Package
  • Platinum
  • $ 275 / Monthly
  • As a Platinum member you are receiving top-notch service. Everything is confidential and exclusively crafted for you based on your wants and needs with us. This package accommodates 50 members. *Seating is limited
Aspiring Package
  • Aspiring Members
  • $ 100 / Monthly
    • VLC University’s Aspiring package is held privately for our low-income members who also receives a confidential, personally made package based on your wants and needs with us. This package accommodates 5 members *Seating is limited

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