Petite Femme

Petite Femme

At Valoir Le Coup, we understand how important and difficult it can be to reprogram your mind to love and appreciate yourself as an adult. We are certainly aware of how detrimental – physically and mentally – having low self-esteem can be. Therefore, we strive to teach young girls the importance of self-value, standards, femininity, and strength at a very early age. Accepting young ladies ages 8-12 years old, our youth program consists of 2 unique age-appropriate steps that will result in a confident and strong young lady.Upon completion of the program, every young lady will receive a “Girl on Fire” certificate and a Valoir Le Coup spa day treatment.

Spa Day will be provided by “Nails by Dazzling Diva Day Spa”. Parents have the option to opt their child in or out of participation and are responsible for Spa day payment of $24.00. For more information, please visit Dazzling Diva’s website.

Course 1. Etiquette

Our Etiquette Coach introduces young ladies to good attitude and positive body languages, social media dos and don’ts, elegant dining etiquette and much more!

  • Dining Etiquette
  • Carriage of posture: How to exude poise
Course 2. VLC University

Tradition, Elegance, and Poise is a crucial step in our program. VLC University is where our young ladies learn the valuable essentials to gain or rebuild their self-esteems. We pin point and break down their insecurities while familiarizing them with loving affirmations, a support system, and the traditional methods of iconic women from different eras that exude confidents.

  • How to Build Reading Habits
  • Sip & Paint
  • Nature Walks
  • Bullying Prevention By Divas in Defense (Certified Martial Arts Trainers)
  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Gardening
  • Jewelry Making
  • How to Create Effective Affirmations

Petite Femme


  • Special
  • $ 250 / weekly
  • Our Petit Femme package includes organic lunches and snacks served daily, as well as 11 hours of captivating and educational activities! They grow up so fast, so register today! Limited time only

Aspiring Members
  • Aspiring Members
  • $ 85 / weekly
  • Valoir Le Coup provides a tremendous discount to parents and guardians with young ladies who have a C average in school and who are in need of payment assistance. This package includes the same amenities as our primary package. Please note that income restriction may apply and seating is extremely limited.
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